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Does dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?

Worried about dry cleaning shortening the life span of your garments? Put your worries to rest, as dry cleaning does exactly the opposite. Sending your clothes for regular dry cleaning keeps them new for longer than washing them with water.

Water, slowly fades and corrodes the colour and fabric of the garment as it is laden with minerals. So, here’s how dry cleaning helps you increase the life of your garment:

Thorough cleaning – Dry cleaning is a sort of a deep cleaning process that removes dirt from even the finest thread on your garment. These dirt particles unless removed, act as an abrasive which slowly corrode the fabric and makes it lose its sheen.

Complete stain removal – Dry cleaning ensures that all stains from the garment are completely removed. Stains, if left untreated oxidise over time and cause yellowing of fabric. This oxidising of food or beverage stains is known as tanning and can’t be reversed after sometime.

Insect repellent – Chemicals used in dry cleaning, act as insect repellents thus preventing moths and other fabric insect infestations. It’s not uncommon for such infestations to happen in tropical climates such as ours. So, dry cleaning not only helps you to prevent garment damage but also prevents health issues that may crop up due to these insects.

Restoration & Preservation – A complete dry-cleaning service provider such as us, can also offer you a comprehensive restoration and preservation service. This service ensures that your favourite garments and accessories keep looking new even after many years.


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